written by Brian Horn


As an entrepreneur, there have probably been times you felt a little crazy. After all, why would any sane human seek out your grueling workload in an effort to get the oft dreamed about but rarely realized pay off? Well, a fighter comes to mind.

Both entrepreneurs and fighters are brave enough to risk it all and step into the “cage.”

Here are a few ways you can embrace your crazy fighter-like attributes and become a champion in the business world.

1. It’s okay to obsess a bit.

Being a successful fighter takes an insane amount of determination and focus, as does being a profitable business owner. Fighters work daily to improve their technique, they watch their diet and they continue to strive for perfection when it comes to their conditioning.

Although you don’t have to have the physical obsession that fighters do, you, as a business owner, should be obsessed with improving yourself.

Also, learn all you can about your industry, make sure you are leading the pack in terms of the newest techniques and strategies. This will take a bit of obsession but will pay off in the end, if you keep it up.

2. Don’t listen to the hype.

It is often said that a team is neither as good as they look in a win or as bad as they look in a loss. This is true in fighting and also in the real world. Therefore, it is important to never listen to your own press, whether it is good or bad.

If you listen to those who are singing your praises, you will begin slacking off in regards to your obsession to succeed. This ironically will cause failure.

3. Feed off those who hate you.

In the fighting world, champion fighters have to deal with opposing fan bases on a regular basis. These fans often take out their frustrations via the keyboard on various forums.

In the same way, as an entrepreneur, you will have other businesses that are competing with you on a consistent basis. Occasionally they might even say some things about you or your business that aren’t true, all in an effort to reduce your success. Although it goes against your natural instinct, you should consider it a good thing when you start getting that kind of hate, as you are considered a threat. Feed of that energy and make yourself even better.

4. Have complete confidence in yourself.

You must have complete confidence in yourself. This is a crucial to your success, in sports or in life.

You are the one who has to dream big and believe you can achieve that dream. Just like a fighter, push yourself to bust through the boundaries.

5. Have a bold battle plan.

A good fighter studies his opponents and takes note of his weaknesses. He then practices to exploit the areas he deems most vulnerable. In the same way, you as a business owner must strategize to take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses. To do this, you need to have a battle plan.

Hire experts who understand all aspects of running a successful business, and listen to their advice. Create several goals that you hope to obtain in the coming years. You know you have created a good battle plan when others think you are crazy for trying to accomplish your goals.

Being a business owner is a lot like being a fighter. It takes guts, determination and a little bit of craziness to be good.