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Be Inspired. Be Inspiring. 

Visual designer, Kristina Sison, paints custom motivating quotes on skateboards as a passage in inspiring and uplifting others as a daily reminder. Read on and get to know her!

SSH: How would you describe your artistic style?

I would describe my artistic style as clean and funky. I know those words seem to be opposites. You can see in a lot of my boards I constantly switch up writing styles, clean lines in one part, then some weird funky type under it… I don’t make sense sometimes. I don’t ever want my art to ever become mundane. It’s like that Dr. Seuss quote, “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.” Nonsense is good, at least in my book.


SSH: How did you initially come about evolving your painting onto skate decks?

I painted my first skateboard in 2009. It was a caricature of my boyfriend and I, at the time, as gingerbread people. I’ve always doodled and designed things. I loved typography before I ever knew what typography was. I just thought I liked writing things out and making them look pretty. A lot of my friends throughout my life were skaters, and I’ve actually worked for a major action sports company and even the local skate shop in my hometown. I’ve always loved that industry. From skaters to surfers, to BMX riders, they have always been so kind and welcoming to me. That is one industry that will always have my heart. My first type board said, “Life Is Beautiful.” People saw it and thought it was badass. I just saw it as a cool canvas to paint on, and naturally more and more people saw my stuff and wanted to get their hands on it… And here we are!

SSH:  What message would you like to send painting uplifting quotes, song lyrics, etc. on a skateboard?

I’ve thought about long and hard about who I want to be as an artist. I’ve been lucky enough where people actually pay me to do something I really enjoy! That has been the best feeling ever.  When it all comes down to it, I want people to see my boards and be happy and have a positive thought when they walk away. I think it’s almost like a daily reminder, like “Hey Steve, good things happen to those who hustle. You’re hustling… Good will come to you.” I like to sprinkle positivity wherever I can.

SSH: What music, other artists, or books are most influential to you right now?

LA has some of the best thrift stores around so I am constantly sourcing and snagging previously loved design books for my personal library. I have talented friends who are artistic in various disciplines so they are great to bounce ideas back and forth. I think that’s important to have, a good artist community too. Some of my favorite artists are Hueman, Koralie and Supakitch, and Kristin Tercek. As far as music goes, I’m a sucker for some good indie folk/bluegrass… But I was jamming out to Whitney Houston while painting the Ozzie board… I like a little bit of everything.

SSH: What’s on your playlist right now?

I’ve been listening to DJ Snake and more club/dance music which isn’t usually my style… I like driving to Fetty Wap and Selena Gomez! My friend got me tickets to see the Ataris, a band I listened to when I was 14 so I’ve been throwing it back with the old pop/punk/emo stuff. I really am all over the place.

SSH: Whom did you text last and what was it about?

My roommate about her dating life, because mine is non-existent. *insert whiney sad emoji here*

SSH: At the end of the day, what makes you happy?

Painting for such awesome people and getting paid to do it, haha. It’s not even about the money for me… It’s about getting as many boards out there to change someone’s day… THAT makes me happy… Tacos, friends, and family too, not in any particular order. I love all that!

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