Listen to 'Melancholy.' By Rob Markman

Jaden Smith is just a ball of emotions. While his dad dropped upbeat rap songs about the summertime and parents who just don’t understand, his boy takes a drastically different approach.

On “Melancholy,” Jaden drops some emo bars over Pink Floyd’s 1973 track “Breathe.” For much of the track, the youngster raps in third-person, taking on the persona of his critics.

“Man, you guys are just some rich kids/ How dare you call yourself the misfits/ I hope you get coals in your presents come Christmas,” he spits before dropping the all too poetic: “And I’m sorry I ain’t eat today/ Because I didn’t know what I should eat today.”

Hunger pangs aren’t the only thing eating Jaden, though. There is also all of your comments surrounding his acting. “You’re messing up a classic like you did with ‘the Karate Kid,’” he goes on about the 2010 reboot that he starred in.

Cheer up Jaden, it gets greater later.