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It is not always the bigger notions that get noticed but a combination of small principles and actions that eventually make the difference. To begin with, here are 10 significant tips for you to practice in your work to make an impact to your company and eventually make yourself rise to the top, have a read and master them all.

1. Always Dress Impeccably

Formal dressing is a must. A dress code tells a lot about an employee’s attitudeYou will be judged on the basis of your dress, and in most situation, formal dress means you are serious at your work. It also indicates your commitment in the affairs of the company. A person who wears a casual dress is always considered to be less dedicated and not focused in his work.

dress impeccably
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2. Take Initiative

You should be more involved in any difficulty your colleague or boss encounter. You should be ready to take any extra yet reasonable help and work, which may not necessarily be your share of work, and that’s what makes the difference between a leader and a common employee. A leader is the one who is eager to go beyond his domain and helps others when they needed help. A leader is a person who takes initiative, and who helps to solve things before othersYou should always be ready to help.

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Bosses also take a close look at those who are willing to take initiative and offer a helping hand, as it just looks like you’re not only work for the company, but you belong to the company. You work like as this is the precious company you are willing to work for, and this is the kind of person that bosses want to get into the manager’s realm.

3. Always Be Prepared

Do you have the training and presentation modules ready for the staff meeting? Bosses look at your eagerness about your work, and they will notice it though your presentation and materials. They will look at the presentation charts and notes that you had used while presenting your points, and judge you based on those materials. Prepare them well to impress your bosses.

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A good preparation helps you to stay focused on your agenda. It also shows the bosses that you are serious about your work, and you take company’s meetings seriouslyAvoid being carelessat the meeting, with no preparation whatsoever. A good preparation gives a positive message to the employers, and might lead to promotion.

4. Be Responsible

A good employee is a responsible employee. Adding up responsibilities should be your forte. You take care of responsibilities seriously once they are assigned to you. You should also be ready toundertake more responsibilities if necessary.

be responsible
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When you failed at certain task assigned to you, you should be the one standing up to admit your fault and ask for the apology. A boss is always on the lookout for such a person who is not onlyready to shoulder any responsibilities, but willing to bear the consequences of his failure or irresponsibility.

Being responsible should not only be your work’s ethic, but also your life principle if you aim to strive for tremendous success in your life.

5. Never Postpone

Although it’s better for you to help others when they have certain difficulties at work, you should alsofinish your task on time. You ensure that the tasks must be completed before anything.

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Postponing of work is looked upon as less dedicated, and not focused. There are millions of employees who work their whole life as a common employee. They only work what is needed for them. Some even go to the extent of postponing their work to later hours. Such individuals will hardly rise to the top. Instead, they will find it even harder to remain in the payroll of the company.

6. Communicate Effectively

Proper communication is an essential tool to successful career. If you are able to put your thoughts and opinion across in an effective manner, you will get the most attention. Your communication skills will lead you to sit among bosses and managers. You will be asked to share your views in company’s meetings.

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Communicating with a better style is half the work done. Ask politelyState clearlySay friendly.Share your opinion carefullyWhen you’re in anger, try to say slowly. That said, you have to beemotionally stable, as bosses only look for the person who communicates effectively while keeping his emotion stable in any situation.

7. Act Properly

An employee must use his common sense to try to act properly. Those employees who have a higher level of common sense are expected to reach higher in hierarchical standings. First of all, always follow the rules and regulations in the office. Though, there will be days when a situation might get worse, but always show the right temperament, and impress the boss with the right attitude.

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Using slang languages, laughing loudly, look for job opening in the office or even sleeping in the office will keep you in the blacklist of the bosses, thus ruining the chances of rising up the ladder of professional success. Ambitious employees who look for a rise in the company should ensure that they stick to certain levels of decency.

8. Avoid Being Too Smart

There are a number of employees who try to act smart, they carry an attitude that they are not just smart but they can get away with doing silly things in the office, and still not get caught. You should not be one of those “smart” guys

too smart
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Remember, someone would get the word to the bosses. Acts like these will never help. PlayingFacebook at work and try to hide it while boss passes by is unprofessional, and most bosses take these kinds of acts as violation of office rules. Boss just doesn’t like someone who challenges his rules, be it directly or indirectly.

9. Speak Highly Of Bosses

It’s a fact that human loves to be praised, especially the boss. It is important to speak highly of a boss, but, beware, it depends on how the praises have been showered.

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Praising in front of the boss sounds really fake and intentional, so don’t do it unless you are sincereChoose a suitable time, and speak about his good traits to someone who is closer to him. A friend or a close colleague might pass the word to him. Praising behind a boss will sound spontaneous.

A boss is likely to get impressed more because the showering of the praises has been done at his back, and he comes to know through someone else. Praising should be genuine. However, it’s a best practice to not go overboard and praise him for something he doesn’t deserve it. Such an act will do nothing good but more harm.

10. Learn To Say No

Learn to say no. Of course you should not offend your boss, manager and colleagues, but you should sound your disagreement and opinion wisely. A more polished way of saying ‘no’ will not harm your relationship and position in the company. Disagreements are bound to exist among colleagues, but what matters is the way it’s done.

say no
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There are a host of polite ways to say no, but what’s universal is to apologize before you decline anything, as it will make the person to feel that you’re sincere. When you disagree a colleague’s opinion, you can say your appreciation before you share your own opinion. Be sincereBe honest. A boss will likely to take you into the leadership as he wants someone who has his own standpoint, and dare to sound his opinion.